Installation Accessories

Dilution Solutions recommends installation accessories to aid in installation and protection of your Dosatron injector. If you have any questions or can't find what you are looking for, give our customer service team a call at 800-523-8499.

Dosatron's Industrial Plumbing Kits are an all-in-one installation kit that includes what you need to install and protect your Dosatron chemical injector. Kits include:

  Ball valves - opens and closes the line
  200 mesh filter - stops large particles from entering the Dosatron
  Pressure regulator with gauge - regulates incoming pressure
  Flow restrictor - prevents excessive flow
  Check valve - helps absorb small shocks in the line
  Roll of Teflon tape
  Instruction card

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Dosatron's Space Saver Mounting Bracket provides the perfect solution for         installations in tight areas.