Repair Supplies

Tools and supplies perfect for maintenance.

Universal Strap Wrench l Seal Remover Pick l Tool Kit l Pressure Tester l Testing Station

 Universal Strap Wrench

Description: Universal Strap Wrench
Features: Ideal for use on Dosatron bell housings, 7 GPM through 40 GPM. Also can be used to remove the sleeve of the Dosatron 100 GPM injector
Part Number: TOOL01


Seal Remover Pick 

Description: Seal Remover Pick
Features: Safely and quickly remove seals from their seat without damaging surrounding areas
Part Number: TOOL02


Tool Kit 

Description: Tool Kit
Features: Handy tool kit assembled with commonly used tools in an easy-to-carry zipper pouch. Tool kit includes: needle nose pliers, seal remover pick, two Phillips screwdrivers (sizes P1 and P2), 8mm box wrench, packet of cleanser, and Dosa-Lube. NOTE: Color of pouch may vary
Part Number: TOOL-KIT


 Pressure Tester

Description: Pressure Tester
Features: Brass pressure tester with max pointer, 160 psi and 2 1/2" face. Includes FPT adapter. Used as a pressure testing kit to check your max pressure when dealing with pressure fluctuations. Helps to identify pressure spikes and pressure related issues
Part Number: PG160-MP


 Testing Station

Description: Testing Station
Features: Repair and testing station panel (black poly) for 3/4" Dosatron injectors. Use to test: DM11F, D25 series, D128R, and D14 series. Ideal for locations that provide service and maintenance. Allows for quick and easy hook-up and includes, hoses, click chart, flow rate chart, pressure gauge and 2 brackets. NOTE: Dosatron injector not included
Part Number: TBLD34
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