Water Hammer Arrestor Kits

Water hammer arrestors are used to prevent the potential damaging effects of water hammer which is defined as a pressure surge or wave caused when a fluid in motion is forced to stop or change directions suddenly.

For installations with strong water hammer potential such as using quick closing solenoid valves, we recommend using a Water Hammer Arrestor Kit. 

Water Hammer Arrestors

Description: Water Hammer Arrestor Kits
Features: Normal operating pressure 35 to 500 psi. Spike pressure not to exceed 2,000 psi
Includes: Stainless Steel Water Hammer Arrestor, Nipple, Tee, Elbow, Close Nipple, Union, and Teflon® Tape
Part Number: WHA34-SS-KIT (3/4" Arrestor) - 3/4" MPT x 6 1/2" tall
Part Number: WHA100-SS-KIT (1" Arrestor) - 1" MPT x 6 15/16" tall
Part Number: WHA150-SS-KIT (1 1/2" Arrestor) - 1" MPT x 10 9/16" tall
Part Number: WHA200-SS-KIT (2" Arrestor) - 1" MPT x 11 3/16" tall
Support Documents:
 Water Hammer Arrestor Kit
 Instruction Sheet
 Specification Sheet